Waitress leaves a stunning note to breastfeeding mom on a restaurant receipt

Apr 03, 2018
03:53 P.M.
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She has nursed her children so many times in public that she has managed to understand why people get uncomfortable around one of the most natural activities in nature.


As reported in an article published by Faith Tap, a mother Jackie Johnson-Smith received a heartwarming gesture from one of the waitresses of a restaurant where she was breastfeeding her child.

Jackie has three children and prefers to breastfeed her children whenever they need nutrition and does not worry what onlookers may think.

One day, she and her husband went to a pizza restaurant to grab a bite. The restaurant was a new place that had recently opened near their residence.  

The couple took their three children along with them and one of them was an infant. At one point in time, the little one started to get cranky.


Source: Flickr/Alan Light

The child started to cry because of hunger and Jackie, as usual, decided to breastfeed him. She did not have any bad vibes from the other people at the restaurant nor did she heard any hushed comments around.


A few minutes later, the baby started to cry very loudly. Although no one from the restaurant showed any signs of awkwardness in their conduct, Jackie started to feel embarrassed and thought that she was disturbing the other people. 


She got up and decided to leave the restaurant and asked her husband to pay for their bill. The husband obliged and paid at the cashier's desk.

Once he came out of the restaurant and joined Jackie, he told her what one waitress named Bodi did for them.

When he received the bill, Bodi handwrote a note to the couple that read: "I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breastfeeding!"

Jacki was moved by Bodi's note and took to social media to express her reaction. She said that she felt very emotional and was speechless by the waitress' kind gesture. She added that she felt amazing breastfeeding her child.

She also noted that all the negative comments that she had to face for breastfeeding in complete felt small after Bodi's sweet and simple gesture.