Abandoned dog was crying on the side of the road. Then he greeted his savior with kisses

Apr 03, 2018
08:53 P.M.
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While this is a story about a devoted animal rescuer, just thinking about anyone leaving a 6-month-old dog tied to a fence in order for it to die can disturb some people.


When Judy Obregon, who runs local rescue organization The Abandoned Ones, spotted the animal at an infamous dumping ground for unwanted dogs in Texas, she knew she had to help.

According to UPSOCL, the dogs she finds around Echo Lake Park are, most of the time, already dead, but this time, Obregon spotted motion.

According to I Heart Dogs, she saw a flash of white in the overgrown grass. It was a thin, lanky mixed breed dog, filthy from laying in the dirt.

The little dog lifted up her head and watched Obregon, and after she rushed to pull over, the dog cried and couldn't get to Obregon fast enough.


She stopped and got out as the helpless dog began to cry and run, with a severe limp, toward Obregon, who was really happy about finding it.

According to The Animal Rescue Site, the dog then put her head in Obregon’s hand, as if to say, “Thank goodness you found me!”


According to Holi Dog Times, she been abandoned by her owners and was found with a piece of fabric tied around her neck that matched a piece of material still attached to a fence only a few yards away.

"I didn't notice what she had around her neck until I put her in my vehicle," Obregon told The Dodo.


After seeing the other part of the string tied to the fence, she thought the dog was limping because she strained to break free.

"The saddest part is that even when she broke free of the string, she still stayed in the same spot as if waiting for the people who left her there," Obregon said.

At the veterinarian, the dog, now called Callie, was discovered to be relatively healthy, considering all she'd been through.