Woman buys a ring for $13. After 30 years, she learnt that all this time she had on $500,000!

Apr 04, 2018
05:18 P.M.
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After reading this, anyone will be considering getting their outdated pieces of jewelry valued, no one knows if a hidden treasure is laying right on the bedroom dresser.


Buying jewelry is a hard task, as one, without being an expert, has to consider the look and quality of the piece, and as these get better, the cost skyrockets.

Getting a good deal on really good pieces of jewelry can be exhausting, but this woman from London had the bargain of her life.

According to Liftable, when she purchased a ring for $13 at a car-boot sale, she thought that investment would have such an exponential return.

She bought that piece of costume jewelry at West Middlesex Hospital in London in the 1980s, but years later, she discovered it cost much more than what she paid for.


She accidentally found it, and although the setting was a little outdated, she loved the ring to the point that she wore it everywhere she went.

Recently, the woman got interested in knowing the ring's value, thinking that it might be more than she thought, and she took it to a local jeweler to have it valued.


She discovered that the 26-carat ring was real and was valued at $456,000. This woman had been wearing nearly half a million dollars on her hand for over 30 years.

But, how can an expensive piece get mistaken for a costume? This diamond was cushion-shaped and set in a 19th-century mount, and as the silver had started to tarnish, it appeared dull and outdated.

Head of Sotheby’s London Jewelry Department Jessica Wyndham explained that most people think of sparkle and brilliance when thinking about diamonds, but this one was hidden in a deep, old-style setting.

The ring was then tested at the Gemological Institute of America, where it was confirmed that the ring could sell anywhere from $325,000 to $456,000.

The woman decided to sell the ring at Sotheby’s Fine Jewels sale on June 7, 2017, shortly after. Having half a million dollars on your hands maybe bad business.