Mariah Carey's estranged sister claims she barely affords food and diva doesn't lend her money

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 05, 2018
09:03 A.M.
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The singer’s sister has made claims that Mariah Carey and her family won’t help her. Alison Carey claimed that no one would help her get dentures.


The star’s sister lost her teeth in 2016 after being attacked with a bat according to The Sun. She’s currently also facing the possibility of being homeless if she doesn’t get help.

Alison Carey, 56, revealed in an interview that none of her family members have offered to help her even though she desperately needs $3,000. The money is for her to buy some dentures after having her teeth pulled out.

The star’s sister lives in a small apartment in Kingston, upstate New York. She has battled HIV and drug addiction since her 20s but has been clean for the past two years.


In 2016, she was viciously attacked by an intruder armed with a baseball bat. The incident forced Alison to stay in the hospital for several weeks which caused her to lose her apartment.

After the landlord rented her place out to someone else all her belongings were thrown out. Throughout her ordeal, Mariah Carey, who is estimated to be worth $520 million, apparently didn’t offer any financial assistance.

She also never visited Alison. The star’s sister shared that ever since she was in the hospital things have been very difficult. Alison confessed that she felt like she was barely surviving.

She admitted that she lost everything besides the clothes she was wearing at the hospital. Fortunately, a friend of hers helped her find somewhere to live but it had no furniture or anything.


“I’ve had two surgeries recently, one on my spine and then they had to take most of teeth out. They said I need dentures but they will cost $3,000 and there’s no way I can afford them.”

Alison Carey, The Sun, April 2, 2018

She had to rent the place and pay it off every month. Alison confessed that she’s since missed a couple of payments because she just didn’t have any money.

Now there’s the looming possibility that they were going to come and take it all away again. The singer’s sister shared that on most months she didn't even have enough food stamps to buy enough groceries that last.


“It’s so hard without teeth. I can barely eat anything and I’m very self-conscious,” Alison revealed. She admitted that she’d gone to one of her sons and asked for his help but he refused.


Mariah’s sister stated that none of her family was willing to help her out, not for the teeth or for groceries or anything else. The famous singer recently spent $35,000 a month on a mansion in Beverly Hills.

The Mediterranean-style home has eight-bedrooms, eight-bathrooms, a swimming pool and, a spa. Alison admitted that she tried to not be bitter but it was difficult when she could see her sister’s big house, and always flying around in private jets.

Alison shared that she thought Mariah probably spent more on her dogs in a week than she spends in a year. She confessed that if the situation was the other way around, she would help her in an instant.


Alison stated that she had looked out for her sister when they were younger. At one time, Mariah and their mother were about to be homeless and Alison emptied her bank account so they could stay in their house.

Alison said she felt like she was being abandoned by her family. This included Mariah, her mother Patricia and her four children.

Alison recalled taking her daughter to one of Mariah’s concerts and she saw their mother and she just walked right past and didn’t even look at them. Her son told her he couldn’t borrow her money for her teeth because he was getting married later this year.


But Alison wasn’t invited to the wedding even though Mariah and Patricia will be attending. “My own son - can you imagine how hard it is for me to hear that?” Alison shared.

She revealed that he’d said that maybe someday she would meet his wife to be. Alison said that she wished things were different.

Representatives for the singer had previously said, “Through the years Mariah has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Alison and her children."