Police captain drives teen who just had brain surgery home

Apr 08, 2018
09:24 P.M.
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The family had missed their connecting train due to a delay on the previous train, but when they asked a policeman for some help he went above and beyond. 


Kori Malenfant and her parents were stranded in Boston after their train to Maine had left the station. Desperate to warm up, they asked a police officer if he would watch their bags while they found a warm place to rest. 

As reported by Liftable, the family had been in New York for Kori to undergo brain surgery, as she suffers from a condition called Chiari malformation, where part of her brain broke through an opening in her skull. 

Just four days after her surgery, the family was standing on the freezing platform in Boston.

When Captain Kelley J. McCormick heard their story, he decided he was going to do more than just watch their suitcases. He showed the family to his vehicle, and told them they were going for a drive. 


The Malenfants quickly started asking questions when McCormick pulled onto the highway, and the officer simply laughed and jokingly told them that he was kidnapping them.

In reality, the kind Captain had decided that he was going to drive the family home to Portland. 


"Your daughter’s not going to sit in that cold train station being four days post-surgery," he said to them. 

During the drive, he chatted away to the family, telling them of his involvement during the tragic Boston Marathon bombings.

“We were all in shock and very emotional at this amazing and generous act of kindness,” Kori added.

When McCormick dropped the family off, Kori posed for a photo with the officer, which she shared to Facebook along with the story of his wonderful act of kindness. 

Even after all his effort, the officer was not done, and requested that the family keep in touch and up to date with Kori's recovery.


As a result of the amazing generosity of Captain McCormick, Kori is now trying to reach talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to have him featured on a segment of the show. 

According to Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross, McCormick's act was not at all unusual, and he explained that this deed shows McCormick to his core. 

“That’s not a one-time thing with Captain McCormick,” Gross said. “He’s always giving. He’s a very free-spirited and giving individual. Captain McCormick just showcases what’s being done across our city. He’s a great guy.”