Man found giant hole near his home. But it turned out to be a secret room

Apr 09, 2018
05:31 A.M.
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History is an important part of the human civilization and cannot be simply forgotten.


History resurfaced recently in the most unexpected of places. A man found a hole in his driveway and decided to take a look, reported Jesus Daily.

It was just like another day for Simon Marks when he returned home from work. He drove his car into his driveway but something had changed that day.

He noticed that his car wheels had got caught in something. He could not move his car even after trying a lot. Marks thought he had perhaps driven away from the driveway into the flower beds.

Unaware of the surprise awaiting him, he got down from the car and noticed a large hole in his driveway.


He thought it was some flaw in the construction as driveway looked in a bad shape. 

Marks actually feared that the hole might damage the house. His worst doubts were whether the building would start sinking because of this mysterious hole.


He had to do something immediately and decided to find the root cause of the hole. He had to rectify it before things turned bad.

He quickly took out his smartphone, clicked a few pictures, and sent them to his father. He then ventured into the hole by himself.

Marks used his ladder to get down into the hole and was shocked to learn that it was no ordinary hole. There were two rooms underneath what was earlier his driveway.

Surprisingly, before the hole appeared, the driveway had been used every day and it did not cause even the slightest damage to the structure underneath.


Marks had bought the house from a couple who had built it in the 1970’s and had lived there. There had been a German bombing very close to the house during the World War II. Marks and his father concluded that the rooms were probably bomb-shelters.

The two rooms were still intact and there were remains of old bottles and newspapers. He said that previous owners must have known the rooms were there. When they built the house, they must have filled it in and put a garden.

He plans to keep the newfound treasure open as he believes that it is part of history.