Baby deer mistakenly takes a logger for its mom and their meet up turns into pure sweetness

Rodolfo Vieira
Apr 09, 2018
09:31 A.M.
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Animals are a true gift in this world and have as much right to be around as we do. That is why animal lives must be respected and protected so that they can keep on existing.


When a person goes on a hike, it is very likely to find a couple of animals along the way, whether they're domesticated or not. In 2011, a logger, whose identity is yet to be revealed, found two rare beauties.

The man was walking along a trail when he happened to notice a couple of fawns. The babies were just lying down on the side of the road, as reported by Inspire More.

Usually, animals are very careful when it comes to humans. Whenever a person tries to reach out to them, most of the times they tend to run away in fear or as a precaution.


But the two fawns didn't do it; instead, they just stood in the same spot. When the logger got a little closer, around an arm's reach of one of them, the bravest one stood up and walked towards him.

According to the source, the baby must have mistaken the man for his mother, who was nowhere in sight. She was probably close by, searching for berries to feed her offspring.

The sweet moment was recorded by the logger himself. In the video, the fawn can be seen walking around the man's legs, sticking its tongue out and brushing against him.

As reported by Inspire More, the other fawn preferred to keep its distance. Guessing that their mother could return at any minute, the logger led them off the road and into the foliage.

This way, the two fawns would be safe from the occasional passing cars and bikes, and wouldn't get themselves hurt while waiting for their mother to appear.