Little child battling cancer was photographed with a ghostly figure. Do you believe this?

Apr 09, 2018
11:31 P.M.
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This little girl was battling cancer until her parents snapped a photo of her guardian angel. 


Erin Potter from Kirtland, Ohio, was fighting against leukemia. The little girl had already undergone two bouts of cancer, and had had to endure a bone marrow transplant. 

As reported by Cleveland19, the little girl's parents had just been told that her cancer had returned for the third time, and that she would likely have to undergo yet another bone marrow transplant. 

Shortly after the family received the devastating news, her parents took a photo of their little girl dancing around outside in the family's backyard with sparklers.

When they later looked at the image, they discovered something amazing. 


Behind Erin was another figure, one who had definitely not been there when they had taken the actual photo. Her mother, Jen Potter, immediately recognized the figure as the Virgin Mary. 

While her parents never took it as a sign that Erin would survive another fight with cancer, they believed that it was definitely a sign that she was being watched over from above. 


Erin's father, Kevin Potter, had actually introduced President Barack Obama while he was on the campaign trail at an event, and the President had in turn spoken of the family's battle to remain insured so that their daughter could fight off cancer. 

Fortunately, shortly after the image was taken, Erin was able to undergo the bone marrow transplant, and was once again declared cancer free. 

Knowing that many people would be skeptical of the angel they saw in the photo, Erin's parents openly said they did not need anyone else to believe in their miracle.

Whether others believe in the angel or not, it has been a source of strength and courage for Jen, who regularly stares at the image when she feels as though she is about to fall apart.