Dog makes miraculous recovery after being injected with drug cocktail by children

Apr 10, 2018
12:19 A.M.
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It was difficult for animal control to figure out what was wrong.


AWM reported that a domestic dog lying on the sidewalk was breathing but was not responding to calls or touches.

A dog named Peanut was found lying on the sidewalk clearly unresponsive and in need of immediate care and attention.

An animal control officer found the dog alone but later learned the horrible truth about what had happened to her.

She was panting and seemed like she was clinging to the edge of life.

Peanut received care at the Faithful Friends Animal Society. However, when she got there, her survival was uncertain and had to be put on an IV to give her life-saving fluids.


The doctors then ran a drug test on the poor dog and found something shocking.

The poor canine tested positive for cocaine and THC and figured that she was forced to consume drugs as a form of twisted torture.

The animal welfare workers had a task ahead of them, they had to flush her system of the narcotics before it could have a negative effect on her.


Of course, the IV helped do that. Another fact that helped her was that she was only about a year old which meant she was young and her body was resilient. She finally survived the cruel treatment meted out to her.

Kevin Rentz, the Marketing Manager, from the rescue center said, “When she first arrived, she was unable to walk, stand, eat, or drink. Our vets had never seen mistreatment dealing with narcotics like this. It was heartbreaking.”

It was indeed heartbreaking as Peanut needed a lot of help to survive the high dosage of cocaine. The rescue workers had to keep her lying for two days to flush her system and clear her blood of the drugs.


She also had to be given emotional support to heal her. She knew she was cared for and not alone.

A few days later, Peanut started to turn around, she was more alert and returning to her happy self. Though the treatment could make her more defensive, the team was surprised that she was sweet and trusting.

Those at the center simply fell in love with her. However, her recovery was not complete. The caretakers persisted and a few days later she was almost back to 100 percent. She was playing, jumping around, and loved chasing the ball.

Peanut’s sad story and her incredible journey of recovery made news and one family in Delaware contacted the center to ask if they could adopt her. They came to the center and fell in love with her in no time.