Puppy rescued from abusive conditions thrilled to meet his new owner for the first time

Apr 10, 2018
01:21 A.M.
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After a dog is rescued, the biggest challenge is to find a new, loving home.


A puppy, Mojo, was ecstatic when he realized who his new owner was, reported We Love Animals.

Sometimes dogs have to be rescued from a life of mental and physical abuse. The first step of their recovery is to find a safe location for them.

This is followed by a long period of psychological recovery when the dog learns to trust and open its heart to humans again.

However, the biggest challenge is faced when the rescue center has to find a new, loving home. They look for people who can provide a safe place where the rehabilitated pup can feel safe and loved.


Mojo was abandoned by his family in Nova Scotia, Canada. When he was found, he was starving and had severe mange.


In need of immediate medical attention and care, the journey to trusting humans again was definitely going to be a long one.

The pup was found by Joey Wagner who works for a volunteer animal rescue organization in Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Mojo was a three-month-old puppy when Wagner found him and took him to the vet. He knew it would take a long time before the pup was completely healed. He also knew that finding a new home could take even longer.

There were several applications from people who wanted to adopt the adorable little puppy. However, Mojo was too weak to leave the shelter and had to wait a long time before he was deemed ready.


Finally, it turned out that his savior, Wagner, would take Mojo home. The moment the little dog realized who his new owner would be, he was overjoyed.

The moment, caught on camera and uploaded on YouTube, has garnered 1,045,000 views so far. The vets in the center were amazed by the reaction of the little pup. They confessed that though Mojo played with them, he never did that to anyone of them.

Mojo is doing just fine with his new owner and even has a new dog friend.