Mother-of-two died after taking her dying husband’s morphine by accident

Rodolfo Vieira
Apr 11, 2018
11:20 A.M.
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Drugs are very dangerous, no matter what form they come in. When people think of drugs, they often forget those that are prescribed by doctors on a daily basis.


Matthew Schofield, from Bolton, England, lost his wife, Krista, in October of 2017 to a drug that she wasn't even supposed to take because it had been prescribed to him.

The drug in question was morphine. Morphine is widely known as a really powerful painkiller that is used for acute or chronic pain, and people tend to overlook its effects, as reported by Metro.

That was exactly what Krista did. When Matthew got home one afternoon, he went straight for their bedroom and saw Krista lying face down on the bed with her lips blue.


She had self-medicated with some of her husband's morphine, which he used to cope with his bile duct cancer. But, even though she took the drug, her death was considered an accidental overdose.

According to the source, life hadn't been easy ever since Matthew was diagnosed with cancer, but she was a strong woman. In fact, it was believed that she used the morphine to deal with the pain after falling off a treadmill a couple of days earlier.

Regarding the possibility of suicide, Matthew revealed that their marriage was a very happy one and that their relationship was firm. Plus, they had two children and she ran an eBay business with her mother.


As reported by Metro, Krista, who was also responsible for a street kitchen for the homeless, had a history of anxiety attacks but there was never an indication that she wanted to commit suicide.

John Pollard, the coroner who did the autopsy, took the opportunity to warn people about self-medication. He said that drugs are prescribed to people who need them, and those who don't, risk overdosing on them even with a small amount.