There are a number of plants that open at night and give a luminous appearance in the moonlight

Apr 12, 2018
02:34 A.M.
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Very few people know about the magical moon-garden. shared a list of the many night-blooming plants that give a luminous appearance in the moonlight.

Not many people are aware that they can grow flowers that bloom at night. A moon garden is an interesting way to connect with nature providing a beautiful and fragrant backdrop for the moonlight rituals in the summer.

Another advantage of having these plants at home is that one can welcome their beautiful aromas and have a peaceful sleep at night.

The white night-blooming plants give a luminous appearance in the moonlight. 


Plant them in a circle or a crescent shape to give the appearance of the moon itself. The numerous plants that open at night can be mixed with the silver-foliaged day bloomers.


The moonflower, as the name suggests, blooms at night. The white flowers are tightly shut during the day and open up only in the night to release a slightly lemony scent.

The climbing plant, a cousin of the Morning Glory, can grow up to eight feet and the flowers are around 5 – 6” in diameter.

The evening primrose, the perennial plant, spreads in no time and can cover a lot of ground. The flowers, which are pale pinkish-white, open at dusk and release a sweet aroma.


The night phlox also opens at dusk and have a fragrance that reminds one of honey or vanilla.

The evening stock is a small purple and pink flower. Though not very beautiful to look at, they have a divine aroma when they open at night.

The angel’s trumpet is another vine that grows very fast. The trumpet-shaped white flowers have a bell-shaped appearance when open.


The night gladiolus is not a nocturnal plant. However, it is included in the list because the creamy yellow flowers smell the strongest at night.

Dutchman’s pipe cactus is also called the queen of the night of night blooming cereus. The white flowers last only for two days, blooming only at night and they wilt before dawn.


Four o’ clock is a strange name given to the charming flower because it opens in the late afternoon and closes in the morning. The trumpet-shaped flowers can be seen in shades of pink, red, yellow, white, and are sometimes bi-colored.

Developed as a hybrid of Oriental lilies, the Casablanca lily, is a large scented flower. It is a popular one among lilies for its richness, perfume, and texture.


The night bloom water lily is a crimson red or purple water lily known to be one of the most magnificently colored flowers.

The large reddish pink flower is present with bronze colored leaves. It blooms in early summer and opens at dusk.

The night blooming Jessamine is a greenish-white colored flower which opens at night and releases a very beautiful odor.