Pizza delivery driver risked his life for people he didn't even know. He is a hero

Apr 11, 2018
11:34 P.M.
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Another example to prove that heroes can come from the most unexpected places.


Liftable reported that Ralph Letner risked his own life to save Jesse Decker, a man he didn’t even know, on Easter night.

Letner was working past his shift at a Donatos Pizza in Kentucky late on Easter night.

Though he was supposed to leave at 10 p.m., it was a busy day and he decided to help out his co-workers.

He was out in his pizza delivery car, on his way to Ringgold Trailer Park, when he saw a house in flames. Letner then asked a lady nearby if there was anyone inside.

She confirmed that a man was inside, but he had refused to get out because he was trying to save his home.


Without thinking, Letner ran in and immediately shut down the electrical breaker to prevent further damage to the property.

Jesse Decker still did not want to leave as he was trying to extinguish the fire all by himself.

The pizza delivery associate got down on his hands and knees and made his way back into Decker’s kitchen. He got him out of his back door.

No one was hurt and Decker’s house was saved, thanks to the heroic actions by Letner. Decker recognized the brave act by this stranger and declared that Letner was a hero.


However, the rescuer remains humble about the situation and claims that the word “hero” is too big to be used on him. He is just happy that everyone was safe.  

“I just felt like God placed me there for a reason because the way I was raised is to help people in all situations. I just felt I did what any person should do for someone they do or do not know.”

Ralph Letner, Liftable, April 5, 2018.

His wife is extremely proud of her husband. She said that anyone who truly knows Letner knows how big-hearted he is. The actions were a perfect representation of that, she added.