Mom finds out her newborn son is actually a girl – five months later

Apr 12, 2018
07:18 A.M.
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Although it was hard for the couple to accept it at first, her gut feeling had already told this woman what was going on beforehand.


Although it doesn't happen very often, there have been instances in which ultrasound reading is inaccurate and mothers are asked to come back, and this was the case with Madeleshia Hiscock.

According to Shared, this mother had to endure a weird emotional rollercoaster during her pregnancy and until six months after giving birth.

At first, she had three ultrasounds to figure out the baby's sex and all scans confirmed that she was having a girl, but after a fourth scan, she was told it was a boy.

Although little Kenneth finally came into the world, five months after his birth, doctors revealed to her that her baby was diagnosed with a disorder known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH).


According to Mayo Clinic, CAH is a group of inherited genetic disorders which affect the adrenal glands. People suffering from CAH don't have the enzymes that the adrenal glands use to produce hormones that help regulate essential functions.

Symptoms like ambiguous genitalia are the reason why doctors had a tough time determining baby Kenneth's sex before and after birth.


The couple was also told that their baby is indeed a girl, and after dealing with it, they eventually renamed Kenneth as McKenzi and applied for a new birth certificate.

"Now we had to tell everyone that we got our baby's sex wrong and buy different toys and clothes. I just couldn't take it in at first," said Madeleshia.

Although there isn't a cure for CAH, there are treatment options that Madeleshia and her husband will have to look into for McKenzi.

While she claimed that dealing with strangers hasn't been easy, Madeleshia said their family and friends have been supportive throughout the ordeal, although they were "shocked" at first.