Two pit bulls walk into a hospital. The staff are freaked out by their actions

Rodolfo Vieira
Apr 12, 2018
08:55 A.M.
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Pit bulls have a bad reputation. They are generally considered to be dangerous and unpredictable, but that couldn't be further from the truth.


The reality is that animals can't be cruel, and a dog is only as dangerous as its owner makes it out to be. Back in 2017, two pit bulls proved just that after wandering into a hospital.

The two pooches casually strolled through the doors of St. Luke’s Anderson Campus hospital as if they belonged there, but their behavior surprised everyone, as reported by Uplifting Today.

The funny and unusual scenario was caught on camera by the surveillance system and the footage was uploaded to Facebook, where it has been seen by thousands of people.

The dogs walked around the lobby for a few seconds, wagging their tails and were very excited to be in a new place, but it didn't take long for them to venture further into the institution.


According to the source, the pit bulls somehow found their way into the building's pharmacy. The pharmacist, whose identity is yet to be revealed, noticed the dogs and immediately called for help.

A couple of security guards came to her rescue while the canines were busy sniffing around. St. Luke's is considered to be a very friendly and accessible hospital, but the staff also seems to have a soft spot for animals.

As reported by Uplifting Today, the two security guards called the dogs by whistling at them and they approached them playfully. 

Realizing that they were house dogs, the two men gave them water before handing them over to a police officer.

The pit bulls' owner, Kathy Tamasi, was notified of their whereabouts and went to pick them up. The two had escaped from her during a walk and she had been looking for them all along.

In the end, she thanked the St. Luke's staff for their patience and kindness towards her furry babies.