Jennifer Lopez reportedly drops diva acts amid her romance with Alex Rodriguez

Apr 13, 2018
12:41 A.M.
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Jennifer Lopez has been known for her diva ways and AmoMama is learning that she is letting go of her diva ways as she gets older. Could it be the influence of A-Rod in her life? We learn from Radar Online.


Jennifer Lopez has been known to make outrageous diva demand wherever she is performing. In the past, the singer has demanded an endless supply of Asian pears, all white dressing rooms, and icy-white furniture all over her mansion before she turns up at the places she is performing but a source says she has changed her ways.


Lopez, 48, “has mellowed as she’s gotten older,” a source told Straight Shuter that;

“She no longer has a strict list of demands before she turns of anywhere. In a recent interview, staff were terrified that they couldn’t locate her special Asian pears, and were shocked when J-Lo turned up and did not mind at all!” 

The performer, who is well known for her excellent work ethic is said to have changed her ways in these days and it some think A-Rod could have tamed her. Others think it could be due to her age, seeing as she is nearing 50. A source said that the Lopez thinks the list of demand should never have been sent in the first place “and could even laugh at how ridiculous some of the things were on her list.”


Lopez and A-Rod have been dating since March 2017, and they were rumored to be engaged at some point last year. They have not made any official mentions on engagements, but there hasn’t been a ring on J-Lo’s finger. Other rumors are that the couple got married secretly at the beginning of the year, but that hasn’t been confirmed either.

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