Doris Day, 96, opens up about her health and losing her only son

Apr 12, 2018
04:26 P.M.
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After being one of the most important actresses of all time, she went her own way trying to save the creatures she loved the most.


96-year-old Doris Day is happier than ever, and her admirers never forgot about her. According to Closer Weekly, the Hollywood legend is as enamored with her fans as they are with her.

While she was one of the most recognized actresses of her time, she left behind Hollywood in 1973 to dedicate her life to rescuing animals in need.

According to Fox News, the animal advocate is eager to stay busy happily answer fan letters from all over the world while also staying active with her Doris Day Animal Foundation.

Her current health is amazing and she is not trying to look back at all, claiming that she was blessed with good health, wonderful people, lovely fans, and many "precious four-leggers."


The actress can't resist but to care for all animals, even if they're on the wild side. "If a feral cat wanders on her property she's bound to take it in and care for it," says Bob Bashara, Doris' business manager, and close friend,

The star's three-day celebration for her 96th birthday on April 3, 2018, which is now a tradition in Carmel, CA, her home since 1981, makes her happiness a contagious thing.

Doris is as active as she could ever be, as the actress refuses to slow down or be limited by her age. "There's a little Doris Day empire, and it's very, very busy," her friend and biographer Pierre Patrick said.


Despite her legendary career, in which she starred in more than 42 films, Day is completely determined to stay out of the spotlight.


She claimed that she had no regrets after leaving her career as an actress and a singer, stating that she always believed things work out "exactly as they’re supposed to."

However, Day has been privately suffering from the painful loss of her only son, Terry Melcher, who died of cancer in 2004 at age 62.

She said that he was the love of her life, adding that although nobody can change the past, she thinks that it's important to get through the bad times to appreciate the good things in life.