Here are the top 5 bedtime drinks to lose weight

Pedro Marrero
Apr 12, 2018
08:35 P.M.

To obtain some quality sleep, you've got to be careful about what you drink before you go to bed.


There's not much worse than a night of tossing and turning in the sack. After all, poor sleep is intricately tied to weight gain, skewed hormone levels, next-day munchies, and blood sugar and insulin issues.

According to a Better Me report, you probably know that having caffeine and sugar too close to bedtime can alter your sleep, but other nutrients can actually help you build muscle, improve your blood sugar stability, and burn fat.

You’ve been struggling very hard to get that perfect figure, going to the gym, undergoing strenuous workout session and what not. But what you didn’t know is that by merely having a few homemade drinks during bedtime you can burn down the excess fat stored in your body.


When it comes to bedtime beverages, you’re going to want something that satisfies, certainly, but also helps you keep on track for your weight goals, or otherwise contributes positively to your health. Here are some beverages to consider for your nightcap.



Milk contains peptide YY (PYY)-a hunger-fighting hormone, which keeps the stomach full for a longer span. This way, it reduces the sudden midnight food cravings and it is also a rich source of calcium, protein, zinc, and vitamin B.


Grape Juice

A glass of pure grape juice contains antioxidants which convert the calorie-storing white fat into calorie-storing brown fat and induces the process of weight loss. Further having it during bedtime is imperative for good night sleep as well.


Chamomile Tea

This tea is beneficial for reducing weight, treating ailments, and improving overall health. It has natural detoxifying properties which aid in flushing the toxins and reduces body weight and relieves bloating.



Made from fermented milk, this probiotic-rich beverage works on your gut microbiome to increase levels of healthy bacteria, promote proper digestion, and help you to absorb vitamins and minerals more effectively.

Soy Protein Shake

This is a plant-based protein shake that is a source of rich nutrients. Besides, consumption of soy protein shake during bedtime reduces hunger and induces the metabolic rate of the body. In this process, the excess fat stored in the body gets burned.

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