3 boys prepare to sing, 'You Raise Me Up'. After music begins to play, the crowd is enchanted

Apr 12, 2018
05:40 P.M.
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Although he's now a world-renowned singer with his group, he was once an innocent child who only wanted to show his singing skills.


Zhong Chenle has been entertaining crowds and making girls laugh and cry at the same time for the last years as a member of the South Korean boy band NCT Dream.

According to Inspire More, When he was just 11 years old, he performed the song “You Raise Me Up” at the International Children’s Music Festival held in 2013.

In order to ring in the new year, he and his fellow singers, 11-year-old Li Zewei and 10-year-old Liu Bo, sang the now legendary song.

The general consensus among everyone who watches the video circles around the idea that he changed too much only in five years.


And while it's true that fame and glory, and of course, puberty, changed the boy into a pop star and is now on the rise with NCT Dream.

'Like for real?? It’s him?? O,h that’s why he looked so familiar,' one viewer commented on the Youtube video.

The same outlet claimed that the performance has a 'church-like feel to it' with all three boys dressed in white. When their voices joined near the end of the song, the feeling is outstanding.

The audience was in awe and simply mesmerized by the talented trio, who sang the legendary song, which has been covered multiple times already.


Since its original release by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden, “You Raise Me Up” already saw many covers, but this one is simply amazing.

However, the most famous and renowned cover of this spectacular song is the Josh Groban’s rendition, which is frequently sung during church services.

The look on the little girls’ faces is amazing, as their mesmerized looks suggest the purest adoration, as any other boy band fan across the globe.