Kate Hudson flashes her baby bump in a dress with lace in first outing since pregnancy reveal

Apr 13, 2018
04:23 P.M.
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Kate Hudson who had kept her pregnancy a secret for the most part of it before coming outside to reveal it to the whole world, made her first appearance recently wearing a laced up dress and she looked very pretty.


AmoMama shares details with you on the first appearance made by Kate Hudson for an outing since she told the world she was carrying a child and the dress was quite beautiful on her, as reported by Daily Mail on April 11, 2018.


The actress had taken to social media to announce to the world that she was pregnant, and to everyone's surprise, she would soon deliver her baby.

The pregnancy was announced in a funny way, as it was done by her in a video, and you could imagine the shock and surprise on everyone's face.

It is not really clear why she had kept her pregnancy away from her fans, as she had not come out to give any statement.

But the actress seemed to be very healthy ad she made an appearance recent wearing a black long dress with lace in front.

And guess what she made an appearance for?


Kate Hudson had once again put a shocking surprise on the faces of her fans as she announced that she was getting married.

Her finger was adorned with a beautiful diamond ring, and the social media network was set ablaze but his news.

She had appeared at a jewelry event in Hong Kong on Tuesday and this was where her finger was caught severally on camera just before she gave an official statement.

Did Kate Hudson pick the year to be full of surprises or had she had all this in mind for a long time?


The social media network cannot have enough of these questions, as everyone is still very surprised.

It was like waking up from a surprise into another one almost immediately.

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The 38-year-old glowed for the jewelry event as she was on very mild and beautiful make-up and her smile was perfect.

Everyone wishes her a happy engaged life and safe delivery which would hopefully not be kept away from the public again.