While listening to a song from mom, boy opened his eyes for the last time to say final words

Pedro Marrero
Apr 13, 2018
09:18 P.M.
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It’s inevitable that everyone will, at some point, encounter some form of loss in their life. As heartbreaking as it is, this tragedy is also a unifying factor in our shared human experience.


Jonathan and Ruth Scully of Leonardtown, Maryland, welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Nolan, into the world on Sept. 7, 2012. Life was good for the next few years. “Rollin’ Nolan” lit up a room with his contagious laughter and outgoing personality.

Few of us could have handled their lot as well as Ruth Scully and her four-year-old son Nolan, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age three. In an instant, the Scully’s lives were turned upside down and life would never be the same.

There are an intense shock, confusion, anger, disbelief and overwhelming sadness that comes with such a diagnosis. Just after little Nolan’s battle ended, his mother posted an impassioned Facebook message on his fan page, as reported Bored Daddy.


Nolan Scully passed away after a 15 month battle with a rare form of cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma or RMS. The four-year-old died tragically earlier this year and, since then, mum Ruth has been using a Facebook page to preserve her son's memory.

Ruth shared the moment that she forced to say goodbye to her son. She wrote that she told Nolan that he "didn't have to fight anymore" and he told her that he wanted to continue to fight for her.


She recalled the heartbreaking moment when the oncologist told her with “pure pain in her eyes” that Nolan had stopped responding to treatments and they would “keep him comfortable” as he was deteriorating rapidly.

On February 1, the family received the news that the cancer was spreading at a rapid rate and that it was resisting treatment. On February 4, Nolan passed away.


Ruth explained that her son slept for most of following days and the anguish she felt over signing an emergency responder 'Do Not Resuscitate' order. The post describing his fight has been shared on Facebook more than 611,000 times.

Posting side-by-side photos, she explained her son was terrified to leave her side, even when she showered. One of the images showed Nolan lying on the bathroom floor waiting for her and the other showed an empty floor, writing "Now I’m the one terrified to shower".