Early signs of diabetes commonly ignored by women until it's too late

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 28, 2018
02:04 A.M.
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Symptoms of diabetes can be spotted early on.


As reported by Shared, women should look out for the following early symptoms of diabetes.

Urinating often

The need to urinate more often than normal could be an early sign of diabetes.

This happens when the body is no longer able to break down food in the manner we are accustomed to.

Weight loss

Many women are conscious about their weight. Losing weight may appear positive for those wanting to get back in shape, but it can actually be a sign of diabetes.


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Wounds taking longer to heal

Diabetes compromises the immune system and the body's ability to heal. When you notice that your bruises and cuts are not healing as quickly as the once did, it can be a sign of diabetes.


Ravishing hunger or thirst

Diabetes makes one hungry and thirsty on a frequent basis because the body can no longer process glucose normally. Becoming hungry or thirsty too frequently can be a symptom of diabetes.

Skin discoloration

Darker patches of skin in the armpit, neck and the groin area can be a sign of diabetes. It is wise to consult a doctor when you notice these unsightly skin discolorations.

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Feeling constantly tired

When you find yourself needing longer naps than usual, it can mean some issues with blood sugar.

Problems with vision

Blurry vision can occur because glucose is allowed to build up inside of the body. This is also a sign of diabetes.

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Tingling in the extremities - like in our hands or feet - can be caused by abnormally high blood sugar levels in our system.

Bleeding gums

A lot of diseases have bleeding gums as a symptom. Diabetes is definitely one of them. When a diabetic person has wounds on his or her gum, these take a longer time to heal than usual.