Pregnant dog has a huge belly. After 9th pupy arrives, mother realizes it's far from the end

Apr 15, 2018
12:27 A.M.
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There have been numerous campaigns to help find homes for the animals from the streets. Yet, many remain in difficult situations. 


Faith Tap reported that a Chihuahua was neglected in Mission, Kansas, until animal rescue groups saved her and many other dogs in the same situation.

Laugh Out Loud, also known as LOL, was pregnant and due any minute. Jessica Bennett, foster manager, and the rest of her team tried to find a foster home for her quickly.

Josie Boyd and her family came forward to the rescue and accepted to take care of LOL and the puppies that were about to be born.

LOL went into labor soon after she got a new home, coincidentally on National Puppy Day.

Now, those who are aware of the breed know that the average amount of puppies that a Chihuahua usually gives birth to is five. 


The family thought that the labor was done after the fifth puppy was out. However, the situation was a little different from what they expected.

The dog kept delivering puppy after puppy, even as Boyd noticed that she still looked ‘round and bulbous.’ It meant that there were many more coming.


By the end of the night, LOL had already welcomed 10 little puppies and Boyd thought it was over.

The next morning, she decided to count them and check their genders. She was surprised to find eight males and three females. It did not make sense as she had given birth to only ten little Chihuahuas.

Boyd thought she must have miscalculated and counted them again and again and the result was the same each time: eleven puppies. 

The family concluded that LOL must have had the last one when nobody was looking. They searched on the internet and realized that their dog had just broken a Guinness record.

The family also discovered another shocking aspect and that was that all the eleven puppies were born healthy. Once they reach about 10 weeks old, the puppies will be taken to their permanent foster homes to enjoy the life that any world-record puppy should live.