2 cops noticed a woman in the woods. Next to her were three disheveled-looking children

Apr 16, 2018
04:59 A.M.
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When the cops are out on patrol, they come across various unexpected situations.


Share Tap reported that two sheriff’s deputies in Sacramento, California, knew something was not right when they saw a mother and her three children sitting on rocks.

The two deputies came across a group of suspicious people in the woods behind a Walmart store during their canvass of the area.

The two policemen spotted a woman and her three disheveled-looking children. The mother instantly knew she would be in trouble.

However, when the cops learned the truth, they became choked up with emotions. The family was not causing any trouble but was only trying to survive.


Deputies Johnny Le and Tim Yee became increasingly concerned about the scene they had just discovered.

The officers learned that the woman’s name was Shannon Loveless. She admitted to keeping the children in her van for over four months and turned to food banks for meals.


She was in the middle of making lunch behind the store when the cops caught up with her. The two decided to take the mother and her children away as they had no choice.

The three children were frightened and not to mention confused, while the mother was panicky as they had no idea what was going to happen to them.

Loveless’ first thought upon seeing the policemen was that she was going to get into trouble because she was homeless and was struggling to take care of her children.

However, she was surprised and it was where the deputies took them that she did not see it coming. The two proved that they were not just the law enforcement officers flashing blue lights. Le and Yee’s actions completely stunned the mother and brought tears to her eyes.

Loveless said that it was “awesome” to see this side of the cops, as she was used to seeing only the “negative side” of the officers.

The deputies brought groceries and toys for the children. They helped the family get into a motel until the social services could find permanent housing. The gesture left Loveless grateful and emotional.