Homeless man was living in a box for 3 years. Until police discovered his forgotten bank account

Apr 16, 2018
09:31 A.M.
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Two men decide to support a homeless man without an ID, but they later discover that he has tons of money waiting for him in the bank.


62-year-old Jon Helsinki had been living in a cardboard box next to a Tampa, Florida bus stop for the last three years. Helsinki had been living a life of solitude ever since his identification documents were stolen.

According to Bored Daddy, it turned impossible to get him new ID as he was originally from Poland and was now 'all alone in the world.'

As he had no way to prove his identity, he also could not get a temporary housing despite having applied at the Florida Community Housing Solutions Center.

Fortunately for him, a caseworker named Charles Inman heard the man's story and decided to help him out in any way possible. As he was working with community health provider DACCO, Inman decided to step in to support Helsinki.


He was then joined by Tampa Police Department's Officer Daniel McDonald, who formed a team to help the man out from the 'terrible cycle' he was stuck in.

"John was born in Poland, so it made it even more difficult for him to get new ID …I helped him out and said, that we will figure this out and get him a bed,” the source quoted Inman as stating.

He also stated that he and Officer McDonald were 'not okay' with the fact that a 62-year-old man had to live on the street just because they could not find his ID.


To help the man get the ID, McDonald first drove the man to the local tax collector's office where he got the temporary State of Florida ID card. With it, he could also get his birth record from the US State Consular Affairs department.

Following this, Helsinki was given appointment with social security so that he could figure out the benefits he used to have earlier.

Luckily, Helsinki had never stopped receiving benefits and they were all being deposited in his bank account. McDonald then drove Helsinki to the bank where he could claim all the social security checks that he had forgotten about.