Woman finds out about her boyfriend´s infidelity and gets an unimaginable revenge

Apr 16, 2018
07:58 P.M.
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This girl lost her mind and destroyed some private property in the process, as some neighbors recorded the whole situation.


Although the girl's identity, and the place where it all happened, is still a mystery, the recording, which was posted on social media, proves that she didn't think twice when she set her boyfriend's car in flames.

According to El Diario Mexicano, the troubled girl can be seen destroying her boyfriend's car after discovering he was cheating on her.

Some neighbors, who were around while she was letting herself go on the car, recorded the incident and the video went viral on Youtube.

The video was also shared on the Facebook page, El Diario 24 Siete, where it also went viral due to the shock value of it.


In the video, the girl, who was wearing a black and white dress, can be seen trying to break the car windows with a big rock.

However, no matter how hard she tried, the windows didn't break and she decided to go to the other side, trying to destroy anything she could.

In the video, some of the neighbors, who were the ones filming the situation, can be heard saying things, drawing conclusions and just being horrified.

"She's crazy!" an unknown woman said.

Soon after that, the car can be seen in flames. The girl set the car on fire and then left. It also shows a fireman team getting close to it with big hoses to put down the fire.

The video has reached thousands of views and like on the Facebook platform.