Nervous boy takes the stage alone. Then he sings Celine Dion hit and gets a standing ovation

Pedro Marrero
Apr 16, 2018
08:15 P.M.
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This boy’s shattered everyone’s assumptions when he timidly took to the stage to perform a very difficult song. But not only he managed to master the song, he also added his own unique style to it.


There is something special and unique in every person. It is the particular blessing each individual brings with him or her to this world. Sometimes it is an incredible talent that will leave others speechless.

In the past, it was normal that such talents remained unknown except but by a few lucky enough to experience them first hand. Fame and recognition were a privilege that most never achieved in their lifetimes.

But as Shareably has reported, in the times we are currently living, technological advancements in communications and different approaches to culture and entertainment have made possible for greater numbers of individuals to share their talent with the world.


Talent shows everywhere prove that ordinary people coming from all walks of life can have unbelievable abilities to perform in ways that never cease to amaze judges and spectators alike. That is the secret behind the unmatched success of this shows on TV.

That was the case for 13-year-old Abu, from Belgium, who mesmerized a crowd and jury with a beautiful performance that was far from what anybody expected for a talent show audition.


Abu stepped on stage for a blind audition for The Voice Kids Belgium, visibly nervous and shy. His unconfident appearance and behavior made the audience curious about how he was going to sound.

When the music started to play and the public recognized the extremely popular and challenging tune to sing the boy had picked, they thought they were in for a potential disaster.

Abu had picked the big hit My Heart Will Go On, by Celine Dion, which took the singer to the top of the charts after being featured in the film Titanic. It seemed a very bad idea of a song to sing for such a timid performer. It didn’t take him long to prove them wrong.


Just as Abu started singing the emotionally charged song, judged Josje Huisman and Laura Tesoro couldn’t help but smile widely, surprised and delighted by the boy’s intense performance.

Abu was just a few lines into the song when all three judges hit their buzzers in approbation. When their chairs turned around, they could hardly believe that this sweet shy child was the one singing like that.

The excited audience stood up in a loud applause and ovation and Abu wasn’t even halfway through the song. Once he proved he was in his element, nothing broke his concentration and he continued blowing everybody’s mind with his voice.