Justin Bieber punches man who grabbed woman by the throat at Coachella

Apr 17, 2018
11:01 A.M.
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The famous singer felt the need to intervene after he saw what the man was doing to the woman.


Justin Bieber reportedly punched a guy in the face at a Coachella party. Also, reports suggested that he also threw the man against the wall.

TMZ reported that the man Bieber attacked was initially in a fight with a woman.

Allegedly, Bieber saw that the man grabbed a woman by the throat during the party. The man supposedly refused to stop choking the woman.

On April 14, 2018, Bieber was with a friend when they showed up at a party. Patrick Schwarzenegger was also present at the time.


Bieber was supposedly chatting with a few people when a random man suddenly rushed in and went crazy when she spotted the woman.

The sources present at the party told TMZ that the man seemed to have been intoxicated from illegal substances.

Also, the woman appeared to be his former girlfriend, as revealed by the media outlet.

As shared by the informants, the man, out of nowhere, grabbed the woman by the throat and started choking her.

Bieber and his pals were quick to step in and kept on shouting at the man to let the woman go.


The man refused to do so and had shouted foul words at the famous singer to leave him alone.

It was at that point when Bieber decided to punch the man in the face and throw him against the wall. The woman was immediately broken free of the man’s grip.


After a while, the man was thrown out of the premises.

Reports revealed that he also chased an SUV. Supposedly, he thought that Bieber was inside the vehicle.

As he was repeatedly hitting the car, he kept on screaming Bieber’s name.

TMZ shared that the man was not arrested even though reports initially claimed that the authorities showed up at the scene. Allegedly, nobody reported the choking incident.