At only 17 years old, a girl has 7 kids and pleads for surgery so she can't have any more

Apr 18, 2018
12:02 A.M.
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Being careless is one thing, but having children of different men without even realizing how this can become complicated is a whole different level.


Pamela Villarruel lives in Leones, Argentina, and at the age of 13, she became pregnant with a much older man. Four years later she ended up with seven children of three different men.

According to Historias Gurú, it was an enormous surprise when Pamela got pregnant when she was just a child, and her partner decided to ditch her. 

The same outlet explained that her parents decided to take care of their little grandchild without even finishing raising their own daughter.

Although everyone would think this would be a hard learned lesson for her, it wasn't, as she, just one year later, got pregnant again. This time, it was another man.


The surprise was even bigger this time, as the doctors discovered she wasn't just pregnant with one child. She was expecting triplets.

Not even her parents knew what to do, as she was only 15 years old, with four children, as the second man wasn't the responsible type either.

Once again, Pamela and her parents were forced to take care of all of these children by themselves, as the man wasn't willing to provide for the triplets.

She then decided to find another man, expecting that this one would be a better person and not an irresponsible father, as all the others.


But she wasn't too careful about it, and eventually, she got pregnant again. This time, the surprise was even bigger when she was told she would have triplets again.

As one would be expecting from these kinds of stories, this man also ran away, trying to avoid his responsibilities. The minor was left with 7 children and no money to support them.

Currently, this young woman is now asking for help in order to stop getting pregnant. According to her and her parents, surgery would be the only option.

However, this cry for help might be coming a little bit too late, as she's now taking care of her 7 children in horrible conditions.