'My 600-lb Life' star leaves the show and asks for money for weight loss surgery

Apr 18, 2018
09:50 A.M.
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The reality star decided to quit the show and is asking her fans for help.


People reported that the My 600-Lb. Life star, Schenee Murry, wants to get weight-loss surgery.

28-year-old Murry gained 47lbs and had made up her mind to work on her weight. She is asking for help from her fans for funds to undergo a surgery.

She has taken the decision as she now weighs 665 lbs.

“My weight is ruining my life. I feel like it’s suffocating me. I feel like a burden to [her husband Freddy], I feel like a burden to my family, I feel like a burden to everyone in my life,” Murry said on the April 4 episode. 

She now has to follow a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet to be eligible for the weight loss surgery, according to a bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.


The expert believed that it would help her lose 30 lbs. in a month. He has also instructed her to start psychotherapy to address the traumatic past that led her to gain weight in the first place.


However, after four months of multiple doctor’s appointments and weigh-ins, Murry gained 47 lbs. and even refused to go to therapy.

The doctor reprimanded her for eating in excess, saying she should have eaten over 10,000 calories a day to gain weight like she did.

He added that Murry did not understand the gravity of the situation and that her health was at risk. He also warned her that she may not even be able to make it to 30 due to her health issues.

Dr. Nowzaradan said that the reality star had failed to lose weight despite the multiple chances to change her diet.

Murry was upset with the way her story was falsely edited and claimed that she was humiliated for ratings. She has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the surgery.

She requested monetary assistance from her fans to seek the help she needs and also to ‘spread her true story.’ Murry has raised $205 in eight days, while the goal is to collect $50,000.