George Stephanopoulos was dumbfounded by Lara Spencer talking about his intimate life on 'GMA'

Apr 19, 2018
02:15 A.M.
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The political commentator could only blush when the host on GMA spoke about his intimate married life.


Entertainment Daily reported that George Stephanopoulos was left red-faced after Lara Spencer revealed a secret about his marriage on April 5, 2018.

For the Pop News segment on Good Morning America, Spencer spoke about Ali Wentworth’s newly published book, Go Ask Ali: Half-Baked Advice.

The host said that Stephanopoulos’ wife revealed an intimate piece of information about her relationship with her husband.

Spencer claimed that Wentworth has never shared the secret with any of her friends.

Spencer wanted to talk about an article in Town & Country that featured Wentworth saying she was happily married. 


The host said, “Ali goes on to say, ‘we’re hot for each other. We’ll have family dinner, my husband and I will play scrabble while the kids do their homework and later we’ll…’ you’re very busy when you get home.”

This was enough to make Stephanopoulos blush even as the co-anchors Michael Strahan and Paula Faris laughed uncontrollably.


He an effort to divert everybody’s attention from the conservative political commentator, Spencer announced that the book will hit the stands on April 24, 2018.

When she does turn back to him, she says that she will never look at him the same way, to which Stephanopoulos could only laugh.

It seemed that everyone’s intentions were to make him blush as Faris asked him what his secret was because his wife had mentioned in the book that her heart skips a beat when he walks into the room.


Stephanopoulos’ reply went on to show how much the two adored each other. He said, “I just picked the right person.” The stood audience was left gushing at that moment.

Strahan echoed everyone’s feelings when he said that his colleague had picked the right words and that he was falling in love with him.

Fans in the studio and those watching it on the television loved the segment and took to Twitter to gush over the antics on the show.