Finger piercing: the engagement ring trend you need to know about

Apr 22, 2018
01:28 A.M.
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Social media trend suggests people are turning to a new kind of piercing that may potentially replace wedding rings.


According to Shareably, an increasing number of people are opting to go for finger piercings rather wedding rings as is evident from the growing trend in social media.

The source informed that the somewhat a more painful trend has been all over social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, where people have been flaunting their finger piercings.

People are posting photographs of different types of piercings. While some are small and seemingly painless, others have even pierced an entire ring or 'multiple rods and diamonds' together on their fingers.


To safely conduct this procedure, somebody piercers are suggesting to use 'high-quality material' and to implant it thoroughly. Most agree that there is obvious risk associated with piercing one's finger as they can take up to an entire year to heal.

Billy DeBerry, one of the body piercers, explained that micro dermal anchors must of implant-grade titanium and they must be embedded in "ideal places." That way, the body will hold them safely for years.

Failure to plant the anchor ideally or deep enough will lead to disastrous results as dermatologists suggest that piercings can move after some period of time.


DeBerry, who has been placing these dermal piercing for more than 10 years, revealed that the trend is going strong because of its customizability.

Unlike traditional piercings of nose or ears, the dermal anchors involve the base being anchored into a place under the surface of the skin, while the rock or tops on the anchor can be changed with "a huge variety of colors, shapes, and designs."

The piercings can also be easily removed without the need for a doctor or stitches. They are completely safe and "takes seconds to remove them," according to DeBerry.

The source informed that there are over 4,000 posts under the hashtag 'fingerpiercing' on Instagram, which goes on to show the popularity of this new style.