Dog wouldn't stop barking at owner in the shower. When stepping out, she realizes why

Apr 22, 2018
05:35 A.M.
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A toddler's life is saved after the family dog reads the warning signs and manages to alert its owner.


In 1993, a woman named Mindi managed to save her baby daughter, Rachel, from dying in her crib because of the early threat alerts sent out by her family dog, Papillon.

According to We Love Animals, Mindi had just tucked Rachel in her bed for her daily afternoon nap. Her other daughter, 9-year-old Amanda, was outside playing with her friends.

So, finding a little bit of free time for herself, Mindi decided to take a quick shower and get herself a well-deserved rest with a nap.

While she was in the shower, her family dog began to bark continuously. Due to the endless barking of her dog, Mindi began to doubt that there might be something wrong.


She revealed that she related to the movies where dogs often communicate about some problems to the humans, so she simply decided to follow the dog.

Luckily for her, Papillon led her to her younger daughter's bedroom and then to her crib. The sheepdog then mounted the crib and kept on barking, as if showing that something was wrong with Rachel.


Mindi took her baby daughter in her hands and realized that Rachel's lips had turned blue. The little girl was not breathing at all.

Mindi screamed at Amanda to dial 911 and call the ambulance and then tried to revive Rachel by blowing in her mouth and patting her back.

Rachel began to cough and gasp at first, so Mindi continued patting her back. Then she pinched her foot just to make her cry. Fortunately, it worked. Rachel started crying and was soon breathing again.

The medical team then arrived on the scene and took the matters over. Later in the hospital, it was discovered that Rachel had choked on little bits of food.