Astros Mascot challenges an 'angry' security guard to a dance off. And the crowd goes wild!

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 23, 2018
09:16 A.M.
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The unnamed security guard was just trying to do his job until the mascot at the game challenged him to a dance-off. The man seemed to be getting angered by the unwarranted attention in the beginning.


Suddenly, the tables were turned when the security accepted the mascot’s challenge. The first time the dancing security guard was noticed was in 2015, but it wasn’t a once-off thing according to Inspire More.

Orbit is the lime-green space creature mascot for the Houston Astros. He normally gets a lot of laughs from the crowd by messing with the security detail.

An example of this was him playing a ring-toss game on a policeman's head. At a game in 2015, Orbit tried his luck at something different.


During a break between innings, he showed off his moves by shaking and shimmying. Then he turned his attention to a security guard.

Orbit taunted the guard with some hip thrusts and leg shakes. The song playing in the background was Michael Jackson’s Slave To The Rhythm.

As with any security guard, this man was stoic and unmoved by the taunting as he shook his head at the mascot’s antics. Seemingly annoyed, the guard eventually shoves Orbit to the side.


At this point, most people were expecting the worst. What happened blew everyone’s minds as they were quick to record videos of the incident.

The shove wasn’t meant to be aggressive, but instead, a signal for a dance-off. The next thirty seconds are spent with the guard showing off his amazing dance moves.

Then after pumping up the crowd with his dance skills and making them go wild, the security guard goes back to his post as if nothing happened. Completely in awe and embarrassed, Orbit admits defeat.


The mascot goes up to the guard and shakes his hand in respect. He then walks off the field shaking his hand and throwing his hands up in disbelief.

Rumor has it that the guard is actually a professional dancer who regularly pops up at Tampa Bay Rays games. Sometimes he’s said to come dressed up as a groundskeeper before revealing his true motive for being on the field.