Intruder walked up to a house. Suddenly, the family dog jumped on him

Ksenia Novikova
Apr 25, 2018
12:55 A.M.

Thieves like trying their luck when it comes to other people’s possessions. A man was caught on security cameras inspecting items on a stranger’s property.


He figured no one was around and decided to have a look. The man had enough confidence to keep going deeper into the open garage with no fear until something attacked him according to Uplift.

This homeowner made sure they had security cameras for their home. The garage had some random items lying about but it wasn’t closed or locked

A thief saw this as an opportunity, not being aware that there’s security footage. He snuck into the garage tentatively, probably waiting to hear an alarm go off.

When no alarm sounded, the man walked in deeper looking for something to steal. As he was focused on the job at hand, he suddenly got a shock of his life.

A big vicious dog came bounding up out of nowhere. The man was taken by surprise as the dog bit him and just wouldn’t let go.


The thief tried to get away but the dog had a tight grip on him. While he was still fending the dog off, another one came around but chose to stand and watch.

Eventually, the man managed to get out of the dog’s grip and ran for his life. He’ll probably avoid that house from henceforth.

Sometimes the best alarm system is the silent, unexpected type.

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