The way you make a fist reveals secrets about your personality

Ksenia Novikova
Apr 24, 2018
10:02 P.M.
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Experts say that body expressions can reveal more details about someone’s personality than they know. The way people hold their first is an example of it.


It shows several aspects of their temperament, general attitude towards the life, and how they react in certain circumstances. According to Voice Meaww, there are three main ways people hold their fists. Those are the following:

  1. The Star

Experts usually call 'stars' those people who place their the thumb beside the other four fingers in a resting position. Those who hold their firsts this way are said to be gentle, sensitive, compassionate, and considered

They also can understand other’s emotions and act accordingly, which make others see them as accessible people and good friends to be with and to talk to.


The stars are organized, strategic, and tend to be more creative than the rest of people. Even though they are introvertive, they like a bit of social exposure. When others notice the stars’ attitude, they might try to take advantage of them, so they must be careful.

  1. The Overachiever

In this type of fist, people put their thumbs covering (or protecting) the other four fingers. The ‘overachievers’ are usually talented, charismatic and extroversive. They don’t hold back their thoughts and emotions and are always focused on a goal.

They are driven and ambitious but like to work in isolation for that goal they have in mind. Since the overachievers are too focused on their dreams, others tend to judge them and believe that there is something wrong with them, even if it is nor truth.

  1. The Gentle Soul

For this fist, the thumb hides behind the other fingers just as if those people were trying to hide their thoughts from others. Those with ‘gentle souls’ are introvertive and are attracted to honest and straightforward individuals.

They like to spend time with friends but there is a point wherein they need a break. People who get in the ‘gentle souls’ personal space have a hard time. They are loyal and kind, which are characteristics that many looks for when choosing a good friend.

It is important to point out that people's personality is not strictly related to the way they hold their fists. It is just a common reference found in many subjects.