Abandoned cat walked over 12 miles back to his owners who rejected him again

Apr 25, 2018
02:04 A.M.
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A pet North Carolina cat traveled a long distance to return to its previous owners, unbeknownst to the fact that the family did not want him anymore.


After being given away to another household, a cat walked 12 miles to get back to its previous home. Unfortunately, the cat's old owners were not too keen to have the animal back in their lives.

According to New York Post, the family then decided to hand the cat over to a shelter and even requested a staff to euthanize the animal.

SPCA of Wake County took to Facebook to share the story. In the social media post, they revealed that the shelter had then contacted their organization to find a new family for the cat.

Earlier this April, SPCA further confirmed that the cat, named Toby, had been adopted by a woman, whom they described as a 'cat-savvy mom' on their social media account. They also wrote that Toby can now finally know 'what a loving family is really like.'


Toby was adopted by the new family on Friday, April 13, and SPCA hoped that the cat might have finally found its 'forever home.'

With Toby's story as an inspiration, SPCA is working to promote their upcoming event, 'Woofstock.' The event is set to go together with their another initiative, 2018 Dog Walk.

The organization is trying to motivate people to join the event in order to save thousands of stranded animals like Toby.

Citing Toby's example, and calling everyone to action, the officials from SPCA wrote on their Facebook page, 'If he is willing to walk 12 miles to save his life, will you walk ONE to save thousands of animals like Toby?'

The source reported that the post from SPCA has seen thousands of shares and messages of support with more and more people rallying behind the cause.