Police officers help homeless family in need

Apr 25, 2018
05:36 A.M.
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Two police authorities took the matters into their own hands after witnessing the dreadful situation of a homeless family.


Deputies Tim Yee and Johnny Le of Sacramento County Sheriff offered a humbling gesture of kindness to a homeless family residing behind a Walmart store off Elk Grove-Florin Road.

According to Inspiring, the deputies had been visiting a homeless camp when they encountered the Loveless family, which comprised of three adults and three children of age 3, 5, and 7.

The family had been forced to live off food banks and were preparing their meals behind the Walmart. The struggling family only had their eldest son of 22 years who earned any kind of money, but it was not enough to support them all.


When the police officers approached the family, they were immediately touched by the poor living conditions of the family - especially the children.

Deputy Le even revealed, looking back at his first impression of the family, that he almost "chocked up" because of the condition in which the children were living. They were "dirty and hungry," and it emotionally moved the officer.

According to Sacramento County Sheriff's Department's Facebook page, the two officers, who were fro the Homeless Outreach Team, immediately noticed that the Loveless family was "struggling to make do with their meals."


Mrs. Loveless, however, revealed that when she first saw the police officers approaching their family, she was "shocked," because she didn't know whether they were "going to get in trouble or what."

But then one of her younger sons offered to share his cereal with the officers, and the kindness of the boy moved the deputies to take some action to change the fortunes of the family.

Yee and Le then entered the nearby Walmart and bought some groceries for the family with their personal money. They also bought toys for the children and managed a temporary shelter for them.

Their warm gesture proved that there was a kind and "softer side" to the police officers. They proved that the police authorities are there to help people above anything else.