Woman who lost 225 pounds gives her top 7 tips for losing weight

Apr 26, 2018
07:44 A.M.
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This woman was depressed over her weight, and couldn't bring herself to do all the things she wanted to as a result. But then she found the inspiration she needed to start losing weight. 


Diane Naylor weighed 400 pounds at the age of 59. After retiring, she moved to a new home where she had initialliy been excited to participate in all the wonderful outdoorsy activities on offer in the area.

But her weight made her too embarassed to leave the house. 

Soon afterwards, while watching an episode of Castle, one of the characters said something that made her realize she was wasting her life away not doing the things she wanted to do, reported Uplifting Media

“A medical examiner was telling an actress to follow her dreams,” Naylor remembered. “He pointed to corpses and said, ‘Those people had dreams, but their time ran out. Don’t let that happen to you.’ A light bulb went off.”


Naylor immediately started on a journey that would see her lose 225 pounds. Following the dramatic weight loss, Naylor decided to share her tips for anyone else who may be battling to shed the pounds holding them back. 


1. Start now

There is never a perfect time to start losing weight, but there is also no time like the present. Starting a new habit or breaking an old one isn't easy, but simply the act of starting could be the momentum needed to complete the journey. 

As Naylor pointed out, the younger you are, the better, because it's much easier to lose weight in your 20's than in your 60's.

2. Make small changes

It's not necessary to start a weight loss journey with a marathon. Take small steps towards improving your health, and soon you'll realize you are doing much more than you thought was possible in the beginning.


Naylor insists that taking small steps in the beginning was key to her not giving up. 

3. Have a support system

Naylor joined a club called Taking Off Pounds Sensibly in which she attended meetings with other like minded people.

As a result, she was far less likely to cheat on her diet and exercise plans, because she had the support of others who were undergoing the journey with her. 

She also suggests that if such a group doesn't exist in your area, there is nothing to stop you from being the one who starts it. 


4. Eat new things

Eating unhealthily is so easy today with a fast food restaurant on every corner. As difficult as this habit is to break, try instead to eat other healthy alternatives.

Naylor also suggests trying things you don't like prepared differently, as it can make a huge difference to your diet. 

5. Don't try every crazy diet

Diets don't actually make a difference in the long-run. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to make a permanent lifestyle change, not cut carbs for 30 days.


The best way is to simply figure out what works for you and your body, and limit eating unhealthy foods and sweets as much as possible. 

6. Keep it up

Perserverance is the most important factor when trying to lose weight. This is a long-term battle, so one day where you disappoint yourself is not the end of the world.

Naylor also suggests you not allow the scale to determine how you feel about yourself. 

 “It might take six or eight weeks for the scale to move, but during that time, you’ll see the inches coming off of your body,” Naylor explains. 

7. One meal at a time

Focus on the here and now. Don't continue to punish yourself for a cheat meal two weeks ago, and don't fear the next meal decision you have to make.

You have to make the decision to eat healthy and exercise every single day, not as one collective decision.