Police identify missing dog in a surprising way when they ask him to sing

Apr 26, 2018
05:49 A.M.
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Dogs are known to be wonderfully gifted animals. But this particular Husky surprised everyone with his singing talent.


A dog owner identified his lost Siberian Husky after police authorities played its favorite theme song and the animal started howling along.

According to Daily Mail, the Husky was reported as missing by its owner, who lived in the city of Beer Sheva in the Southern District of Israel.

Then, one day, a group of teenagers working in a field at an archeological site outside of the city discovered a lonely Siberian Husky that perfectly matched the description of the dog presented in the missing report.

When they found the dog, it was in a miserable state - malnourished and weakened. The group then took it to the Israeli police authorities at a police station right outside the city. There the dog received some medical help and recovery.


After helping the dog in every possible way, the police officers contacted the man who had filed the missing report for his dog. They also told him to drive over to the police station to identify if it was really his dog.

The man then put a surprising request before the police authorities. He told them that his dog had a favorite song and it loved singing along to it.


He revealed that Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers' Believe In Yourself, which was the theme song to his favorite Israeli TV show, Shemesh, as well as the theme song for the Canadian/American children's program, Arthur, was the dog's favorite song.

The police officers then played the song to the dog and, surprisingly, it did recognize the tune immediately. The Siberian Husky started singing along to the theme music and Israeli police couldn't help but capture the moment on a video.

The man rushed to the station as soon as the officers confirmed him that it was his dog indeed. The two met each other in an emotional reunion.