Cat protects toddler from babysitter after he thinks the child is in danger

Apr 28, 2018
03:38 A.M.
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The unsuspecting young woman struggled the cat unleashed its anger.

Dogs are known as the most protective species of pets, recognized for their ability to ward off unwanted intruders, stay alert and guard the family against any sign of approaching harm.

However, Shared spotted a video of a fiercely protective pet that belonged to an unexpected animal family. 

The video captured a pet cat running to the rescue of a little baby after it hears a noise in the adjacent room.

At the beginning of the video, which seems to have been recorded on a security camera inside the living room, a young babysitter is seen playing with a toddler.


The duo was playing with a ball, and the child seemed to enjoy running around to fetch the ball and throw it back to his caretaker with all his strength.

The caretaker was seated comfortably on the couch while playing with the little boy when the toddler accidentally hit a glass article placed on the center table.


The glass item shattered on the ground, and the babysitter stood up to deal with the mess. What she did not know was that one of the pet cats in the adjacent room was jolted by the sound of the crashing glass.

From the video footage of the adjacent room, the black-and-white cat is seen getting up and storming into the living room to check on the noise.

When the cat discovered that a piece of glass had been broken, it immediately turned to the babysitter and began attacking her.

The stunned caretaker tried to back off and duck the cat’s prowl, but the fierce feline pet persisted. It kept charging at the woman, trying to grab on to her trousers and scratch her.


A few moments later, a second cat walked into the scene and cluelessly wandered behind the aggressive one. It was only after a while that the cat calmed down and the babysitter heaved a sigh of relief. 

While there was no way of knowing for sure what triggered the outburst of the cat's anger, the video was captioned to portray that the cat was being protective about the toddler.