Khloé K. receives another blow as Tristan Thompson reportedly spent thousands on rumored side chick

Apr 28, 2018
09:26 A.M.
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- It seems like this 'Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson infidelity fuss' doesn't seem to cease as reportedly a recent buzz came in, which we at AmoMama got from the 'Hollywood Life.'


- According to the report, the new Kardashian mom allegedly received another blow as her NBA player baby daddy has apparently spent thousands on rumored side chick.

- The buzz has it that the woman, Lani Blair, who was identified in the 'Daily Mail' footage and who has reportedly opened the streamlines on this cheating scandal. 


As we thought and hoping that this Tristan Thompson cheating scandal will end, it looks like it won't anytime soon.

Today, we've learned from 'HL' that another tea has been spilled about the 'Cleveland Cavaliers' center/power forward.


This said tea seemingly makes the baller alleged relationship with the lady in a cap and an infamous enormous derrière as he allegedly spent thousands of dollars on her.

For the past few weeks, Tristan Thompson was infamously involved and accused of seeing 5 various women throughout his famous 2nd baby mama's pregnancy. 

'Lani and Tristan have been hanging out on the low for months now, however, they were friends before he and Khloe started dating.'


According to the source media outlet, a source exclusively told them that Lani Blair and Tristan Thompson have been friends before Khloe came in.

The insider added that the two have been allegedly hanging out under the radar for months now.


Apparently, Lani Blair is a bartender when she met the Cavs baller, and reportedly, she's popular among a lot of athletes and rappers in the industry already.

'Lani was a bartender when she and Tristan met and she was well-known by many athletes and rappers in the industry already.'

In an episode of the 'The Wendy Williams Show' hot topics, the TV host revealed that she was once hired for the show.

The report added that the lady isn't worried about the other women linked to the NBA player, but apparently, she thought that she was more important than the other ladies to him.


'Lani isn’t new to the game, and is loved by a lot of people, but she tried to really keep things simple between Tristan and herself.'

Additionally, the source continued, and we quote.

 'Tristan falls hard for women he finds attractive, and Lani never wanted things to get out of hand. She isn’t upset that other women have come forward claiming that they had their own flings with Tristan, but she is definitely surprised because Tristan was adamant that she was very special to him.'


Other people might think how would she believes that she's 'very special' to the Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy, the source spilled more beans allegedly.

'He bought her numerous expensive pieces of jewelry and shelled out thousands of dollars for hotel rooms for herself and her friends to follow the team when they played in big cities.'


The involved 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star hasn't given her response to any of these allegations and side chicks.

Nevertheless, we truly hope that she's doing great and happy and comforted by the enormous love and cuteness of her bundle of joy. 

Nonetheless, we couldn't help, but ask, could the relationship between Lani Blair and Tristan Thompson be more than just a fling?

Source: Hollywood Life