Mom stops her daughter from consuming sugar. 2 years later, results trully surprise

Apr 30, 2018
01:04 A.M.
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This mother has refused carbs for her child because every parent wants only the very best for their children.


Daily Mail reported that a woman from Brisbane, Shan Cooper, does not believe in the usual baby food most parents feed their children with.

The fitness enthusiast refuses to feed her daughter, Grace, any sugar or fast-acting carbohydrates. Paleo diet is a hit in their household and the two-year-old has never eaten any processed foods, purees, or sugary cereal.

The proud mother documented her journey on Instagram and her parenting choices have also attracted the attention of the media.

Grace has been eating organic chicken and vegetables rather than mashed peach puree from a packet, Coco Pops, or pieces of toast with the crusts cut off – a favorite among many parents.


She is for foods ‘cavemen could scavenge for,’ such as meat, fish, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. The diet bans grains and dairy products.

The proponents of the diet swear by the numerous advantages it has, including weight loss, reduced risk of disease, increased energy levels, reduced sensitivity to allergies, and even improved brain functioning, according to Healthy Way.

The mother revealed that her daughter has a strong immune system and never gets sick, thanks to the diet.


“She spends a lot of time around other kids who are sick all the time, who have snotty noses, coughs, colds, but she just doesn’t pick it up.”

Shan Cooper, Daily Mail, May 6, 2016.

Cooper also clarified that she would not bar her daughter from eating cake or other treats at parties. 

She said that when her daughter is old enough she can choose whatever she wants to eat. When she comes home having eaten a lot of sugar and cake, she would probably tell her mother she doesn’t feel very well.

Her daughter would then realize that she should eat only three cupcakes instead of maybe 12 of them. At the end of it all, the mother only hopes her daughter eats whatever makes her feel good.

Cooper’s diet is a big hit on Instagram where she has over 19,000 followers. She inspires others to live a healthy lifestyle by informing other parents about the diet.