Nicole Kidman's estranged son surprises with his current job amid famous parents

May 03, 2018
12:40 P.M.
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It’s probably not news that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have an adopted son. However, AmoMama learns through a recent New Idea expose that the pair’s son has been seen working as a deep sea deckhand!


Refusing to follow in either of his adoptive parents’ footsteps, the 23-year old also dropped his other career as a dance club DJ to become a very efficient deep sea deckhand for 2 Shea Charters, a company in Clearwater, Florida.


A source close to the 23-year old told the National Enquirer,

“Connor's done some growing up these past few months and decided he doesn't want to live his life spending his dad's money. “He loves being out on the water, so this is really a dream job for him.”

While it is not certain where his father stands on the issue, the US report reports that Connor and his action star dad are still very close. Connor lives a short drive away from the global headquarters of the Church of Scientology. Tom Cruise is one of the church’s most notable members.


Unlike his and Tom’s relationship, Connor and his adoptive mother, Nicole, do not share a bond as tight. His close friends intimate that since the couple’s much-publicized divorce in 2011, Nicole and her son’s relationship has been less than cordial. However, according to US reports, the Moulin Rogue actress was ‘thrilled’ about her son’s career choice.

Speaking to the publication, a source came out to reveal, 'Nicole hated that Connor was a club DJ. All she ever wanted for him was a normal, happy upbringing.’'It now looks like he's finally found his way!'

It is not clear whether this deviation from the ‘family business’ is a flash in the pan for Connor, but he seems to be enjoying carving out his own path.

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