Baby tricks dad and laughs hysterically when he tries to clip her nails

Pedro Marrero
May 08, 2018
02:13 P.M.
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A father in Brazil attempted to cut his daughter's nails. As he would get ready to cut them, the baby would fake yell and cry.


According to Inspired NTD, trimming the nails of a little baby isn't always the easiest task. Any parent who has tried to clip their baby’s nails knows how stressful it can be. But for one father in Brazil, it can be downright scary for all the right reasons.

In a video that has quickly gone viral around the world, this father was in for a special treat when he sat his little girl down for a manicure. The loving daddy tries to carefully trim his baby girl’s nails, but her reaction is just priceless.

Every time dad went in to cut her nails, the little prankster would cry out, scaring dad before bursting into laughter. The cute little girl was trying to ‘scare’ her dad by pretending he was hurting her, but couldn’t keep up the act for very long.


As soon as the baby girl lets out a scream, she immediately begins to light up and burst out into laughter once she realizes her scare tactic worked. The process repeats and repeats until they both just decide to laugh it off.

Yes, over and over this goes on. He tries to do a little trim, but before the baby scissors make any contact, she pretends to cry. Talk about talented. This little girl clearly already has her father wrapped around her finger.


The mother of the baby girl originally posted the video of her daughter September 5, 2015, on her Facebook page, where it received more than 27 million views. She later added the video to YouTube, where it also became a viral hit.

If you are about to become a mom, this is one of the tasks you’re going to have to learn. Here is what we recommend; wait until your baby is sleeping to clip her nails. If you're lucky, she will sleep right through it. And she won't wiggle and squirm.