Theresa Caputo responds to critics who say her readings are fake

In a tell-all interview, the psychic medium chose to speak up for herself as she has repeatedly been slammed by skeptics.

Theresa Caputo, who previously revealed her separation from her husband, opened up and shared how she feels when people say that she gives fake readings.

As explained by Good Housekeeping, many have claimed that Caputo gives “cold readings” which basically means that she just says enough relatable and general things in order for a person to feel a certain connection with a spirit.

In an interview with Paper magazine, Caputo defended herself against the critics.

She said, "I always say it is not my fault or spirit's fault that there are only so many ways that people can die and common burdens and guilt that we might carry.”

Caputo added that during her sessions, she encourages the spirits to say things that nobody ever knows about. She wants them to tell her things the spirit has experienced with the person who wants to connect with them.

She said those experiences are theirs alone and nobody could ever take those experiences away from them.

Aside from the skeptics, Caputo – being a star on her TLC show, Long Island Medium – also openly talked about her separation with her husband, Larry Caputo.

They recently released a joint statement telling the people that they have decided to end their marriage after 28 years.

On the same interview with Paper, Caputo talked about her sentiments regarding their very public separation, which was also featured on their show.

She said, "From the day I signed up to do Long Island along with my entire family, we said that we were going to share our life. It is [hard]. But again, what I am doing is helping people.”

Caputo shared that a fan approached her to tell her that because of her and Larry, the fan was able to save his own marriage just in time by going to therapy with his partner.

She also claimed that she does not regret sharing their heartbreaking separation with the public eye.

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