Social experiment tests diners as white mom with black child is being bullied

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
02:25 A.M.
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This social experiment was set up to see how people would react to cruel treatment in a public place. 


Justine and her adopted daughter, Morgan, were having lunch at The Old School Mills Fresh House in Locust North Carolina when a female customer decided she needed to comment on the fact that Justine had a black daughter. 

As reported by NTDTV, the customer, named Rachel, asked Justine if she had adopted Morgan, and when the bewildered mother confirmed that she had, Rachel asked why she would choose a black child over a white child

Immediately, two customers at a table nearby came to Justine's defence, asking Rachel why it was necessary to speak to the mother like that. 

“The world is changing. Don’t you feel like the world is changing that we need to open ourselves up a little bit better than our little square box?” another customer added.


The customers continued to ask Rachel why she had such an attitude towards a loving mother and her innocent child, until a man came forward to interrupt them. 

That man happened to be John Quinones, the host of television show What Would You Do? 

He explained to the defensive customers that the interaction between Justine and Rachel had been a social experiment to garner people's reactions to such abuse. 


One of the customers then proceeded to explain the horrible situation she had once experienced in the 1960's, when her family had been the only one in the neighborhood to welcome the first black family in the area. 

Justine, Rachel, and Morgan reset the scene again later when a new set of customers had entered the establishment, and Rachel proceeded to send a volley of racist remarks Justine's way again. 

One man heard her ask Justine if she was trying to rescue black babies, and immediately started to tell her off. He then went up to the mother and explained why he had gotten so worked up. 

“I’m sorry I just had to butt in because it seemed very offensive. I have a black daughter and she’s married to a black guy and I’ve got three black grandchildren and they’re just a wonderful family,” he told her. 

Cue Quinones' appearance again, and he explained the situation to the disgruntled father. The man told the host that he would always do something, because if someone is being rude and offensive, they need to be told that.