Video shows dog's funny and unusual reaction to bath time

Giving one's pet dog a good bath can often be a real struggle. Unless your dog is Zeus the Husky.

Zeus the Husky is one of the surprisingly rare dogs that actually loves water and simply adores his bath-time. In a video released on the Internet, the dog is seen throwing tantrums when its owner refuses to turn on the tap.

According to The Epoch Times, Zeus is a viral video star, who also has its own channel on YouTube. His amazing antics are regularly uploaded and people absolutely adore them.

In the video, Zeus is seen lying inside a bath-up, giving his own version of 'playing dead.' The dog does not look up or even move when his master asks it to come out for a walk. Rather, he just starts to howl intensely

It is a clear sign for its master and Zeus wants a bath and wants her to turn on the tap. However, the master is adamant about not giving Zeus a bath and instead wants to take it out for a walk.

Despite being repeatedly called out for bath, all Zeus does is lie completely inside the bathtub and howl. After a while, when he begins to sense that its master is not going to fulfill its wishes, it simply raises its head and continues to howl.

But picking up its head in hope of making a better plea to its master goes in vain as she is having none of it. "You got to get out of bath sometime," the owner can be heard as saying to Zeus in the video.

When all fails, Zeus looks dejected and finally decides to give up. When the master calls out to go for a walk one more time, the dog finally jumps out of the bath and follows.

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