These easy German potato dumplings are to die for

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
05:25 A.M.

This popular appetizer is a must-have at any German feast.


Inspired reported that the German potato dumplings can be served with almost anything and is also extremely easy to make.

Also known as Kartoffelkloesse in Germany, it can be enjoyed best a tomato/cheese sauce.

It is a traditional dish from Southern Germany, that can be included in any feast/celebration, a family dinner, etc. It is easy to make with almost all the ingredients already any kitchen cabinet


For potato dumplings:

Five medium potatoes (about 600 grams)

Two teaspoons of salt

One cup of cornstarch

One egg

One teaspoon of pepper

Five cups of water

For the sauce:

Two tablespoons of butter

1/8 cup flour

1/3 tomato paste or ketchup


1 and ½ cup of milk

One teaspoon of salt

One teaspoon of pepper

One cup of cheese

Directions to cook

Boil some water in a pot and then add one teaspoon of salt. Washed potatoes are to be placed and the pot covered with a lid.

Let it cook for about 40 minutes until the potatoes are tender. Transfer the potatoes to a large bowl to allow them to cool down. Later peel them and mash them with a potato masher.

Next, mix an egg, a cup of cornstarch, one teaspoon of salt and pepper and keep them ready to be shaped into small balls.

The mashed potatoes are to be made into 16 two-inch balls. Keep the hands dry and use some flour if the potatoes are sticky and hard to shape.


Boil five cups of water and add potato dumplings. To make sure the dumplings are not too dry or too sticky, test one dumpling to see if it needs extra flour. Simmer for 15 minutes.

For the sauce, heat two tablespoons of butter in a pan. Add 1/8 cup of flour and mix over a medium heat until butter is golden brown.

Then add 1/3 cup of tomato paste to the mixture, while continuing to stir until it is smooth.

Add one and a half cup of milk along with salt and pepper to taste. Add one cup of grated cheese and stir until it has melted completely. Remove from the heat and the dish is ready to serve. Place the dumplings on a plate and pour the sauce on top of it.

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