Radio station surprises woman with the most perfect mother's day gift

Ksenia Novikova
May 10, 2018
09:15 A.M.
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Kylie and Jackie O, who host one of the most important radio programs in KIIS 1065, an Australian radio station, surprised Tina on Mother’s Day in 2015.


Tina is a hardworking mother who lives in Sydney and often takes night shifts at the grocery store where she works to make ends meet. If things weren’t difficult enough already, her daughter, Donna, moved to the U.S.

According to the video uploaded to the YouTube channel of KIIS 1065, Tina and Donna hadn’t seen each other in a year, so Kylie and Jackie O decided to surprise the mother in the most memorable way

In the video, Kylie reveals more details about Tina, including that she has four children, which is why she has to work so hard on a daily basis. The radio show staff installed a couple of cameras in the supermarket Tina worked so they could record her reaction.


One of them was in aisle 6, where Donna was strategically standing waiting for her mother. The plan was that Donna impersonated a regular customer and surprised Tina asking her about a product.

From the studio, Jackie O asked Tina to go to the aisle 6. Donna was clearly excited as she started laughing when she heard Jackie O’s voice. A couple of seconds later, Tina walked through the aisle towards her daughter.


She couldn’t recognize Donna’s back as she passed her by without even looking at her. Donna, however, caught her attention asking her about the cereal she had in her hands.

It was clear that Tina didn’t expect such a surprise as she even answered Donna’s question before actually realizing who she was. At that point, Tina started crying and was in shock.

A couple of seconds later, they shared one of the most memorable hugs in Tina’s life. Kylie and Jackie O contacted her to ask her what she thought about the surprise and Tina said that her dream came true.

She added that she was surprised and thanked the hosts for their beautiful action. It was indeed a great way to surprise a mother on Mother’s Day.